Aimedis financial services & payments page

Both patients and medical institutions can pay here using a credit card, doing a bank transfer or paying with one of our accepted cryptocurrencies.


Please pay for your selected sevice(s) here. Please note, that there is a setup fee for each of the professional medical services (practices & hospitals). Please refer to our terms & condition and/or your contract with Aimedis for further information. In case you booked a second opinion please pay the sum stated in your invoice using the "other amount" field.

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Pay your selected Aimedis services here via Stripe using your credit card.


Alternatively you can pay with a cryptocurrency. We accept AIM tokens, BTC (Bitcoin) and ETH (Ethereum) payments. Other cryptocurrencies will follow.

Please note that paying with AIM tokens (official Aimedis tokens) offers you a discount of 10% compared to all other payment methods, while we accept AIM tokens at a fix value of 0,15 USD now before exchange listing. (ICO price was 0,12 USD without discount)

BTC address:


ETH address:

AIM address:

If you like to pay via bank wire, please use the bank account details stated in your invoice. In case you’d like to pay using one of our accepted cryptocurrencies, please send us the transaction ID and your invoice number to

In case you need to discuss payment issues or seek payment by installements please do not hesite to contact us again via