Access Aimedis basic services outside the ecosystem

Welcome to the Aimedis Elements portal

You can access all the Aimedis elements services here. These contain general medical consulations, second opinions, health information and education e.g. before an examination or surgery, online appointments for these services, sick certificates and prescriptions.

If you would like to find out which service does fit your needs, please contact us via “”, via the general chat on the bottom of this page or via Whatsapp using the number +31 77 369 0560.

Prior to a consultation please send all relevant information including discharge letters, your medication, laboratory results or images to “” or in case of a second opinion request to “”.

Alternatively you can upload files below the video window in the protected chat area.

As soon as the Aimedis platform is publicly available you will be able to store everything inside the Aimedis ecosystem.

Please register with Aimedis V2 now. Go to and save your medical data on our unique blockchain and use all integrated services in a complete medical ecosystem.